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Communication and Collaboration Through Rhythm

As well as facilitating music in health settings, ArtBeat has a strong commitment to broadening its application, as well as training others. Jane has been a long-term student of Arthur Hull, the foremost exponent of drum circle facilitation, who developed a methodology of enabling people of any experience to play together, based on the quality of listening and relationship between the group members. Strong emphasis is placed on the quality of experience of the participants, and in valuing their unique contributions, which makes community drum circle facilitation an ideal tool to work with marginalised and disadvantaged groups, and learners of any age.

Loved the communication process from expression to group creation – so many parallels in the corporate coaching work I do.
— Therapeutic Rhythm Communication participant, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

ArtBeat: Rhythmic Communication

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Community Drum Circle Facilitation 

ArtBeat specialises in working with public service and voluntary sector organisations, particularly in fields of health, education, and community development, because that's where we work the rest of the time!  Increasingly, organisations are recognising the benefits of drumming not just for service users, but also for the staff teams that serve them. Group drumming offers an accessible experience which integrates mind,  body, individual expression, and group interaction.

As a beginner, I started out feeling very much intimidated by the drums and drummers. However, it was in the workshop, that I found I can truly be myself without the fear of being judged. This workshop also brought out my confidence that I had lost.
— Therapeutic Rhythm Communication participant, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Music Facilitation and CPD

For Teambuilding, Staff Training and Development

Drumming and Mental Health

For the past seven years, Jane has worked in close collaboration with occupational therapy staff and music charities across several hospitals and mental health projects.  Through this practical work, and her recently completed PhD study, Jane has developed the concept of 'Integrative Musical Interaction' - a way of working musically that maximises trust, reciprocity, and builds confidence and skill in interacting with others.

While experiencing this workshop I became more observant and sensitive of my surroundings. I was able to drop my self-inhibition and accept myself even when I made mistakes. I experienced moments where I was just living for ‘now’. Thank you for being so kind and supportive, love this experience, will cherish and recreate more such moments.
— Find Your Inner Rhythm participant, Bangalore

Music and People with Dementia

Rhythm, movement and song to stimulate social interaction, participation, and memory.  Jane has over 7 years of experience collaborating with occupational therapy and activity staff, bringing musical engagement to people at a variety of stages of dementia.  ArtBeat creates work that involves both carers and cared-for, where music provides an accessible and enjoyable joint activity.

I loved the way in which the process helps to nurture and foster musicality in EVERYONE, no matter what their current state or past experience.
— Therapeutic Rhythm Communication participant, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Music in Hospitals and Health Settings

ArtBeat has fifteen years of experience in bringing music to healthcare contexts. Voice and drumming are the most fundamental and easily accessible means of making music, so that's what we use most often.

Jane was one of only two UK musicians selected to participate in both EU Leonardo Da Vinci 'Transfer of Innovation' and 'Train the Trainer' European collaboration projects, with Musique et Santé, (France) as the lead training partner. Jane now specialises in training professional musicians (and organisations) to work confidently, adaptively and sensitively in hospital settings.

My heartfelt gratitude for creating such a beautiful and powerful space for the last two days. I’m going back healed from within. I was able to access the healing energy from this wonderful process, and some of the exercises really helped me look deep within myself and understand some aspects of life that I was struggling to figure out. As a facilitator, I feel much more confident - your exercises really helped me understand rhythm and how to apply it in different settings - thank you!
— Find Your Inner Rhythm Participant, Pune

Bespoke Drumming Workshops

For Social Wellbeing, Clinical Health & Community